Sunday, January 29, 2012

Human Beings... What can be said about them? Ther're not all fuctup. Just the majority.

Syd Barrett was a human being.`(wasn't he?)
Jim Morrison was a human being...
Carl Jung was a human being....

But they are some of the exceptions.

The talking heads on Fox not news are all human beings. (at least they appear to be)

Human beings have skeletons.
"While you were busy hating others and bashing and accusing them and calling them names and saying bad things about them and judging them online, your closet popped open, and your skeletons fell out."

By the way, I'm a Bear...
This in no way reflects on my humanity, And it describes nothing but the Bear Spirit

I come here sporadically to rant.

Humans have a way of being mean to one another that other species mostly cannot fathom.
Pumas, for instance, are not being mean when they rip out a deer's throat. They just want to eat. It is their way. Sharks are not being vindictive when they attack and kill, it's the way they were made. Humans, on the other hand... Humans will throw rocks at other humans out of hate. Some humans will chain a dog to a tree. Some humans will torture small furry critters for amusement. Humans in positions of "authority" tend to develop haughty attitudes, thinking they are somehow better than others, judging and condemning them. Bankers build prisons.
Greed drives them to hoard power and controll, they think of everyone as cows and sheep, while they themselves act as hogs.

How did it get to be so twisted? I have my theories, and ideas...

Opinions are a dime a dozen. In some places you can marry your cousin.
I don't know if I'm right or wrong. Maybe this was the gameplan all along.
I have a history of associations with crazy women, some with bad reputations.
Most of them are not anything like others have judged them to be.
Reputation is superficial, judgements based on inaccurate observations.
I find I enjoy the company of girls who pee.
None of my ex's live in Texas.
I didn't abuse drugs, the drugs abused me.
If this is making sense to you, you might want to check yourself into a hospital for a psychiatric observation. Then again, maybe not. Only you can judge you.
George Bernard Shaw once said, "If you are going to tell people the truth, you had better make them laugh, or else they will kill you."
Truth is, (among other things,) The world, socioty, is fucked up and broken, and it sorely needs to be fixed. Now what are we gonna do about it?

..Settin' on a hill on the Parchment Farm, ain't never done nobody no wrong...