Saturday, December 28, 2013

Where Is My War?

Listen to this song - Frank Marino Stories Of A Hero
My Grandfather had his war.
My Father had his war.
I could have had my war in the early 1990s, except for the fact that I wrecked a bike in 1983 and fucked up my body enough to classify me "4F", so the Army wouldn't take me, and neither would the Marine Corps. I tried. Recruiters turned me away. Probably for the best, I reckon. Who knows what may have happened. I might have been killed, or had limbs blown off, any number of possible outcomes.

My Grandfather fought in WW1, came back alive, but different. My Father fought in WW2, came back alive, but different. (Mean is how I remember him.) My cousin fought in Vietnam, came home alive, but different. My brothers both got lucky, if you choose to call it that. One went to Penn State, the other had a high number and never got drafted. Since I incarnated into this realm in '65, I missed Vietnam entirely. Desert Storm would've been my war, except as luck (or divine providence, or fate, or what have you) would have it, I'm walking around with metal in my body, and Uncle Sam said "Fuck you, you're not fit to die for me anymore, go get a job." So I did. Quite a number of jobs, in fact. Some of them were even legal.

But I may yet get my war. My war might be right here, defending my Native Homeland against forces of tyranny, both foreign and domestic. It's a far better death to die fighting for what one believes, to die fighting one's enemy, to die fighting, than to die a slave. Far better to die fighting than to live out ones days as a sheep, grazing placidly, obeying the rules, following the leader all the way to the slaughterhouse. Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty or give me death." I saw something recently that said "Give me liberty, or I'll get up and get it myself!" I kinda like that philosophy.
Fuck fascism, fuck totalitarianism, fuck corporatism, fuck communism, fuck the banks and the politicians who sell us out to the highest bidder, fuck the illuminati, fuck hierarchy, fuck oligarchy, fuck theocracy, and fuck the offworlders who try and influence events here on our planet. Yeah.
This is our home, we were born here. This is our Mother. Are we going to sit idly by while a group of intergalactic grunts from another solar system order our so-called leaders to make us a part of their collective? I, for one, am not.
Baa, moo, oink, whinny. Woof, meow, snarl, hiss, growl. I will not go easily. You can put my corpse in the FEMA work camp. Hang my head on a pike, like they did with William Wallace. Once I've left this corporeal vessel I won't have need of it anymore. And where do we go? Where do we go when we leave this realm? The simple answer, and the only accurate one at the present moment, is I don't know. I do not know for certain, as of now. When we cross that bridge into the mists of a new morning, to Valhalla, Nirvana, Heaven, Hades, whatever it may be, whatever you choose to call it, it's intangible. We cross a threshold into The Unknown. I like the word AETHER. Science won't cop to it. They will acknowledge the existence of Dark Matter, but not AETHER. Religion likes to speak in Spiritual terms, but organized religion is just another way to control the masses, a way to corral the cows and sheep, to pacify the slaves so they will work harder for the benefit of the masters. Science and Religion have this in common: They are both belligerent and stubborn in their closed-mindedness. They refuse to admit that there are things they do not comprehend, and that the other has bits of truth contained within its matrix. Science will attempt to convince you that you have no soul, that consciousness and sentience are simply a product of electrochemical reactions within the brain - Bullshit! I call bullshit. Religion, on the other hand, will attempt to convince you that you were created by God to be special, somehow elevated above all other species, with free reign to use and exploit other species, and nature, and even Mother Earth Herself, with impunity, and that you are the only sentient beings - Bullshit! Again I call bullshit. Never underestimate human stupidity.
Humans have a tendency to believe what we choose to believe. This is both a good quality, and a bad quality, depending on the parameters. "Dat which make ya, can also break ya."  When confronted with the harshness of the material realm, what we call "reality", we tend to seek comfort. Some seek it in Religion and Science, trying to define the undefinable, to comprehend the incomprehensible. Me, I seek to open my third eye, to expand and grow in the AETHERAL. I seek knowledge, I seek understanding, I seek Truth. The truth of humanity is within each and every individual, within our DNA, within our Spirit. We just don't remember it yet. Yet!
Individuality is one of our most important assets. We are like snowflakes in that we are all unique, yet all the same as well. Each snowflake is unique, yet they are all snow, they are all made of H2O, in crystalline form. Each human is unique, even twins, yet we are all human, and believe it or not, we all have individual freedom to choose our own destiny. We are not sheep. Do you hear me? We Are Not sheep! We do not need to conform to the norm. That is a misassumption, and a misunderstanding. We need to achieve unity as a species, while paying special attention to the preservation and development of individuality. We need to recognize our alikeness and our uniqueness simultaneously. We must put aside argumentative opinions which lead to bickering and squabbling, while recognizing our individuality as free sentient beings. And we need to stop abusing one another, and other species as well, stop exploiting and start conserving. We must eliminate hierarchy in favor of informed consensus, the true meaning of the word democracy, which is each individual making an informed decision, and the consensus agrees to adopt what the majority decides. No kings or queens. No president. No congress. No politics. No bosses. No Popes and Pharisees. No CEOs. Every decision involving multiple individuals must be voted upon and ultimately agreed upon by all interested individuals. No exceptions. Once we are able to achieve this we will be a force to be reckoned with. Our planet, our resources, and ourselves will not be seized and exploited for the benefit of any outside party. If and when we decide to interact with any other races from other worlds, it will be on our terms, not theirs, and agreements will be made for the benefit of all concerned. No individual, nor group of individuals can be viewed as superior or inferior. Only then will humanity be worthy to enter the 'Verse for exploration and/or trade with other worlds.
And be wary of parasites offering gifts. And don't become them either.
We tread unsteady and unknown waters.
We must trust our hearts.
We Must.