Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Googly Moogly!

Egadz... Great Googly Moogly... I was just minding my own business, not harming anyone, least not overtly, far as I can tell. I left a comment on some video on youtube, and some fuckin piece of shit fuck made a rude & uncalled for comment on my comment. What a fuckin puke!

What can ya do? The pukes are out there, and occasionally they will come over and puke on you, for no good reason, because they can. Some fuckin puke in Oakland, CA shot abunch of cops. Why? I have no idea. I just heard it on NPR. Wasn't that long ago that Oakland cops shot & killed a guy at a BART station. Why? I don't know. Does the BART incident then justify the latest one? Hell no! What the fuck is wrong with people? Sad but true, some cops have itchy trigger fingers, but, wouldn't you if people hated you simply because of your job, and to the point of shooting at you just for kicks? I certainly am not trying to excuse the actions of the cops involved in the Bart shooting, or the actions of dirty cops in general. I don't like cops. But I wouldnt just shoot them. Some of (some? probably MOST) of them are assholes, but not all, even though their job is to enforce laws which are wrong, & often unconstitutional, even though a lot of them have rediculously poor people-skills, even though they often beat people needlesly, lie in court routinely, consider you guilty & already convicted before they break the handcuffs out, even in the light of all that, they are still human beings doing a crappy job for a crappy wage, just to make a living. {Clint Eastwood from The Outlaw Josie Wales: "Dyin' ain't much of a livin', boy..."} Some of them have actual lives outside of their shitty goddamn job! Imagine that! Some of them even have families!! I used to drive trucks for a guy whose wife was a cop. I seriously doubt that she ever shot anyone, but I'll bet that she would if they shot at her first.
Basically, what I'm saying here is, you can't go lumping a whole group of folks together and say that they're all the same, because that is the definition of prejudice. Yet we all have a tendency to do it sometimes. Look at me talking about the cia, fbi, nsa, etc. for example... I call them all goons & stormtroopers. So I guess I'm guilty of pre-judging a group also...
I just don't go around shooting them.
I've lived in quite a few "bad" neighborhoods over the years. I've been known to pack a pistol. I wouldn't hesitate to shoot someone if they fucked with me or tried to rob me. I'd probably aim for the kneecaps, simply in order to immobilize quickly, but then I might have to administer first aid, tricky shit we have to deal with these days. I also wouldn't hesitate to kill someone who was trying to kill me. Hesitation can get you dead. Very fast. Which brings me back to trigger-happy cops. If we had to live their lives, we just might get a little jumpy too, I think. That said, it still doesn't condone wasting motherfuckers for no reason, so where does one draw the line?
That is for folks with better morals than I to answer.

Here is a link to some folks with better morals:

Later-Bye, for now...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is a song about my friend, Buddy. He's orange and furry...
To the tune of "Spiderman":
Buddy Cat, Buddy Cat
Friendly neighborhood Buddy Cat
Catches birds, any size
Eats 'em up like pizza pies
Look out, here comes the Buddy Cat
Buddy Cat, Buddy Cat
Goes wherever the food is at
He's a cat, his name is Buddy
Sometimes all of his paws are muddy
Look out, here comes the Buddy Cat
Buddy Cat, Buddy Cat
Hangs around in the shack and that
Licks himself, cause he can
He's a cat, not a man
Look out, here comes the Buddy Cat
Look out, he's gonna take a nap
Look out, wherever there's a bird at
Anywhere he can sleep at
There goes the Buddy Cat
That's it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poetic Buggery... (she TOLD me to stick it...)

There is a planet, orbiting a Dark Star,
A girl onboard has a cat named "Schrodinger"...
Does anyone know why she chose to name him that?
Does anyone care?
Anyone else but me? First E above middle C.
Two thousand kilometers can't be wrong, was it ..? ..or did I... What?!
...I can't seem to recall right now.
There was a World, once... But,
I don't know where it's gone to now, and
SHE WAS WITH ME ..There. ....where?
But you see, that's just it... I just can't seem to... Remember!

...Hey! Kittykat! Are you, Familiar?

Change... Is that so awfully strange? {no, it's only in my pocket [coffee-can] clink}
So many girls, where are they now?
All gone away... To that foggy, mirey, planet, "Ex-Girlfriend Land"
Where they can "have their cake & eat it too"
But why did she do that which she did do?
I only asked her to...
...PISS MY BEDD!!!!!
Hey, she asked me to bugger her, and I obliged...
Oh, fuckin snot-rocket! She stole my money...
It's only a hangnail.
Oh, Dear, Sweet Blowjob... You were so slippery...
Then you ran away.