Saturday, October 19, 2013

I found this online:

I found this online.  She looks familiar somehow.  I don't know, man.  Things that make ya go "What The Fuck?"  Now where have I seen this woman at before?  Hmmmmmm...  Huh.  Brain-fart.
Brain-freeze, better go eat some ice cream.
I'll report back later if I remember anything pertinent.
Later, gator.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Something different:

I want to rant about something different tonight.  I wanna rant about porn.

Why does porn always have to show somebody's dick?  I don't wanna see that.  If I want to see a dick I can just look down at my own.  I watch porn for the pussy, goddamnit.

And why the fuck do they all have to shave their pubes off, anyway?  What the fuck?  Whatever happened to all the beautiful ladies with big hairy bushes around their cunts?  And why is it so hard to find real women who don't shave anymore?  What's up with that?  I just wanna find a nice crazy woman, (Yeah, they're all crazy!) close to my own age, (within twelve years younger or older,) with a calm personality, with hairy pussy and pits, who likes to pee.  Am I asking too fuckin much here?  I'm drawn to petite brunettes with long straight hair, but I'm open to any woman, (yeah, even the shaved ones, I reckon) as long as she doesn't try to change me...

Well, this started out as a rant about porn, but it segued into a tirade about hairy pussy and ended up with me making an (almost) desperate plea for a new girlfriend.   Fuck.

I think I fuckin think too fuckin much, I think.
Time to go watch more Joe Cartoon.

Bye, yall.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shut down Congress

Government shutdown?
Yeah, ok.  So what did they actually shut down?  Well, turns out, national monuments. That's right, folks, if you want to see George Washington's Phallus, or the Vietnam Wall, public attractions located in open spaces, you can't.  The spiteful fuckass fascist government has actually wasted more tax dollars to erect barricades around usually open spaces, and pay security personnel to patrol them and keep you & me out of our own public spaces!  Yeah.  Retarded, isn't it?  Politicians in action.

Worse, they've closed national parks, and folks who live in national parks have been evicted from their homes!  Here's an example: That's right, an elderly couple evicted from their home by the goddamn government.  Sons of bitches.  All done out of pure spite, because fuckass congress and fuckass Obama can't agree on how to best go about accomplishing their common goal of fucking the American taxpayer out of every last dime.  Angry yet?  Wait, it gets better.

Fuckass douchebag Harry Reid (who last week said he would deny funding to cancer research) and fuckass Obama want to raise the debt ceiling so they can borrow more funny money from China.  Ready to learn to speak Mandarin yet?  (I've got a few key phrases memorized from Firefly)

The truckers continue to protest all this bullshit by driving in circles around I-495, clogging traffic.  They really should jam up all the roads into DC early Monday morning, and people should clog up all the Metro stations to keep government personnel from getting to work.  Still, that doesn't solve the problem, which is government out of control.

What we need to do is shut them down for real!  It's time to fire all the politicians and run things ourselves.  Politicians, regardless of party affiliation, are all a bunch of lazy leeches sucking sustenance from the American people.  The definition of democracy is one individual = one vote, on everything, and the majority decides.  It never meant "electing" a hoard of stuffed suits and giving them the power to decide by proxy in our stead.  This charade has gone on long enough.  It's high time we stand up and take back what is rightfully ours from the gloved fist of fascism.  Fuck the NWO fascist police state, fuck their ludicrous "laws" created to rob us and keep us restrained like sheep in a pen, and fuck the television-induced laziness and apathy which allowed it to happen in the first place.

What once had the potential to become the greatest nation on the face of Mother Earth has now become the laughing stock.  It makes me ashamed to be American.  It really does.  Most of the western world views us as a joke - a fat, lazy, couch-potato joke.  The Asian countries view us as stupid consumers of mass-produced garbage.  The Arab world views us as the enemy, and we view them as goat-fucking camel jockeys and terrorists bent on world domination.  All this viewing is largely due to mass television  viewing, controlled by mass media, who are instructed what to broadcast by the NWO.... Round and around the big shitball goes, and where it stops, nobody knows.