Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poetic Buggery... (she TOLD me to stick it...)

There is a planet, orbiting a Dark Star,
A girl onboard has a cat named "Schrodinger"...
Does anyone know why she chose to name him that?
Does anyone care?
Anyone else but me? First E above middle C.
Two thousand kilometers can't be wrong, was it ..? ..or did I... What?!
...I can't seem to recall right now.
There was a World, once... But,
I don't know where it's gone to now, and
SHE WAS WITH ME ..There. ....where?
But you see, that's just it... I just can't seem to... Remember!

...Hey! Kittykat! Are you, Familiar?

Change... Is that so awfully strange? {no, it's only in my pocket [coffee-can] clink}
So many girls, where are they now?
All gone away... To that foggy, mirey, planet, "Ex-Girlfriend Land"
Where they can "have their cake & eat it too"
But why did she do that which she did do?
I only asked her to...
...PISS MY BEDD!!!!!
Hey, she asked me to bugger her, and I obliged...
Oh, fuckin snot-rocket! She stole my money...
It's only a hangnail.
Oh, Dear, Sweet Blowjob... You were so slippery...
Then you ran away.