Thursday, March 28, 2013

How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

                  One Bear Wants to know....

       Just How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

"If you are going to tell people the truth, you had better make them laugh, or else they will kill you."
~George Bernard Shaw

Seems the often-quoted Mr Shaw was correct there, or at least, if not murder you outright, at the very least they will belligerently deny what you tell them, ridicule you, throw eggs and mud at you, defame your character, etc.  I cite the overuse of the term "Conspiracy Theory"...
While it's true that theories abound, on all manner of subjects, the fact remains that Conspiracy exists.  In and of itself it is not a "theory" but is a proven fact.  People conspire, for one reason or another.  They might conspire to rob you, or to screw your wife.  They might conspire to discredit you, to betray you, or to otherwise fuck up your life.  They might even conspire to murder someone and frame you for it by planting a knife.  There is an old saying, "Trust no one."

For a long time now, a very long time, most of my life in fact, I have known that something was not right.  Something is off-kilter.  Things are not as they should be, and things are not always as they seem to be.  Stephen King used the term slippage in his novel co-written with Peter Straub, The Talisman, and its sequal, Black House.  Slippage is a good word, a descriptive word.  Like the heat you see rising on a hot summer day, which science will tell you is the convection currents bending and refracting light, whatever.  Picture that same visualization, but everywhere, all the time, as if the matrix was unstable and you could see it waffling.  (I'm talking metaphorically here, for the most part, but sometimes it actually can be seen.)  At any rate, something is wrong.  I knew it from early childhood, the way people act, the way they speak, the way things are...  The yellow signs with "Fallout Shelter" and the radiation symbol on them that were so prevalant during the cold war days, the overall strangeness of things, the mysterious tunnel that seemed to go waaaaaaaay back under the shopping center, way deep into the hillside...  The high-tension power lines that ran directly over the house...  The streetlights in the parking lots that seemed as though they they were watching you,  and the hummmm they made, like they might just get up and walk around whenever nobody was looking...  The weird "airplanes" with the big round front, like the Starship Enterprise...  The weird way the neighbors walked, and talked, and behaved, some like they were walking around in a daze, operating on auto-pilot, others like they were looking right thru you, reading your mind...

Keep in mind now that these were observations I made as a small child, long before I ever did any drugs, long before I saw the film  "They Live",  before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, before my cousin joined the Marine Corps and went to Vietnam, back when all that I should have been concerned with was playing with toys and learning how to wipe my own butt and tie my own shoes.  Even that long ago I knew somehow that something wasn't right.  Now that I'm in my forties I can look back on the chronological progression of events and see paterns emerge throughout the fabric of things.  The older I get, the more earnestly I want to know just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

On the morning of 9/11/01, I was sound asleep, when my GF woke me up smacking me on the shoulder.  I said, "The weed's on your side of the bed!" She said, "Get up and look at the tv, the World Trade Center's on fire!"  I opened my eyes and saw the first tower burning.  I saw what appeared to be a plane, and I thought it was one of those planes they use to dump water on forest fires, until I saw boom, and the second tower bursting into flames.  I immediately sat bolt upright and said "Holy Fuck!"  As I watched the events of that day unfolding, my thoughts went back to Oklahoma City, Columbine, Waco, and Ruby Ridge.  Somehow my mind instantly made the connection.  I knew it without knowing how or why I knew it.  I also knew right away that the story they were telling was fishy and full of holes.  You could tell by the way the towers came down that it looked exactly like every controlled demolition video...   Bill Cooper published Pale Horse in, what, '99?  I didn't read it until '04.  When I read that book, it confirmed certain suspicions that I had had for a long time.  It also gave me new directions in which to aim my perceptive gaze.  Cooper said "Don't take my word for it, do your own research!" And so I did.  I started investigating, while keeping an open mind to the best of my ability.  I started seeing the patterns emerge.  This shit goes way back.  I mean way back.  The further back I look, the more patterns I see, woven like a web of deception.  9/11 was a false flag operation to give "W" an excuse for invading the middle east and starting an oil war, but mainly to set up an excuse for instituting the "Patriot Act", arguably the most un-patriotic and unconstitutional piece of garbage-legislation ever.  Now we have the "Sandy Hook Shooting", another obvious false flag op, this time to set up an excuse to legislate gun control.  Now I don't know if there even was an actual shooting, due to the bizarre, completely muddled huggermugger of misinformation surrounding this story.  There are too many distortions, too many contradictions, and the whole mess just screams Bullshit! (with bells and whistles, diesel horns, sirens, and flashing red lights)  Put that story together with the supposed "meteor" that was observed by hundreds of eyewitnesses up and down the eastern seaboard and at least as far west as Ohio, maybe farther.  Now add the "meteor" that the Russians shot sown last month.  Now throw in our friendly neighborhood Korean despot Mr Kim Jong Un, and Dennis Rodman.... WHAT?! Wait, Dennis fucking Rodman personally invited to have a sit down with Mr Kim?  Does any of this bullshit seem, maybe, oh, orchestrated?  Hmmmm... [Things that make you go hmm...]

Well, I'm beginning to lose my train of thought, so I'll just post a few links here:
Oligarchy... Does this give you something to think about?  Ok, howbout this:
Atlantean Conspiracy (Not that I necessarilly agree... but it makes you think.)
And, since I don't subscribe to religious dogma, and have seen the contradictions throughout the bible, I don't necessarilly agree with religious viewpoints, but this next one is talking about The Black Nobility ........ Sometimes you have to just read everything (while maintaining an open mind) and then sort out the truth from the bullshit. Even misinformation has a few gains of truth, the trick is picking them out from the mess. .........  And finally, a blog that I just discovered today, ("discovered", kind of like Columbus "discovered" North America", as in how can one "discover" something that is already there?) Event Horizon (Which, incidentally, was the name of a pretty good space movie starring that guy from Jurassic Park...)

Ok, that's all I'm gonna rant about right now.. "Uh-dee-uh, uh-dee-uh, uh-dee-uh, uh, that's all folks."

Monday, March 25, 2013

What do you know?

What do you know, we're being bombarded with meteors, it must be March.
Well, maybe it's meteors, one cannot be certain.  Could be space junk, since there's copious amounts of it orbiting our Earth, and at any given moment on any given day a sizable chunck of it could just decide "Fuck it! Today's the day my orbit's gonna decay." and come hurtling groundwards at a thousand miles a second, maybe (Hopefully) burning up on reentry, or possibly crashing into some unsuspecting person's home and going Kaboop. (Hence the picture of Frank.)
"Wake up Donnie, get the fuck out of the house..."

Maybe it's our friendly neighborhood despot Mr Kim Jong Un, letting us know that he has the capability to hurl missiles of some kind in our general direction, so we had better listen to Dennis Rodman, or else.  Maybe not.

Maybe it's the lightships...I doubt that's what it was, but you never know.  Maybe it was a flying sorcerer?  Merlin, perhaps?  Again, doubtful, but you never fuckin know.

Point is, I don't know what the fuck it was!  Therefore, far as I'm concerned, it remains unidentified.  The U in UFO stands for unidentified, therefore, if you don't know what the fuck it is, it's a UFO. Period.  UFO does not necessarily mean spaceship, or flying saucer, it means "What the fuck is that?"

I don't believe official "explanations" of phenomena, because the "officials" are notorious for lying. I personally don't believe anything the government says, because it's all propaganda, and the media print what they are told to print, and they are all owned by the TC/CFR.  If you want to know the truth, you gotta investigate and find it yourself.

To get the accurate weather: Hang a piece of bull rope outside your window.  If the rope is wet, it's raining.  If the rope is frozen it's cold.  If the rope is sideways it's windy, etc.  I know it's raining outside because I was out in it, and it's good that it's not raining inside. 

Later - bye.

Monday, March 18, 2013

It's March. Budda-buddump, chsssh.

It's March.  It's raining outside, and hovering around forty degrees.  It's sixty-one degrees in my bear cave, which is comfortable to me.  The cat is sound asleep on the bed.  It would be nice if my truck would start, but she won't, because the wiring harness has a hard-to-track-down open circuit somewhere, and she's parked in the mud, which just makes it that much more fun.  The guy who was supposed to come and look at the wiring a couple days ago is MIA, possibly drunk somewhere, or wrapped up with some female, or hopefully not in a bad situation...

The furnace quit functioning today, or the pilot went out anyway, and there was about a quarter inch of dust in the filters, which can't be good at any rate, and copious dust bunnies on the floor around the outer casing.  That was today's excitement, and now that it's taken care of, I can sit back, smoke cigarettes, and drink Canada Dry till I get sleepy.  I really don't feel like ranting about the sorry-ass state of socio-political bullshit right now.  I'm just not in the mood for it.

...Maybe I'll write a fan-letter to Sarah Silverman.  She's cute and funny, and she could come and pee in my bed anytime.  She probably wouldn't, since I'm not famous, but she would be welcome none the less.  ...Or maybe I'll write a fan-letter to Jewel Staite, just to tell her she's pretty, you know.  Or maybe I'll write one to Kate Micucci...   Or maybe not.  The only famous female who ever answered my fanmail was The Great Kat, and she might rape me in a violent manner, which probably would be unpleasant, although one can not know for certain what may happen unless & until it actually happens.... (Or doesn't.)