Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Sometimes shit just aggravates! Oh, there can be long stretches without aggravation, but then some fuckin asshole says or does something, or some situation goes awry, or shit just doesn't work out the way we planned it, then it's "Fuck everybody! Leave me the fuck alone! Can't you see that I'm pissed off?" And sometimes it ain't even clear as to what, specifically, it was that caused the pissing. Other times, well...
Politics & politicians, the state of world affairs, rich folk abusing poor folk, all of that pisses me off. But sometimes it's just little shit that I have to wonder, "Why is this piddly little shit even bothering me for?"
Take average critters, for example... I love 'em, but sometimes they piss me off. Dogs, cats, squirrells...
And humans... especially human critters FUCK! Why do they bother me whenever I don't want to be bothered? But then whenever I try to be sociable (which is not very often) they all seem to be busy doing other things. Pissy little crap that doesn't even matter.
So then, what does matter? Tyranny, oppresssion, starvation...
And wars... There always seems to be one click of assholes fighting another click of assholes, and the innocent get caught in between. Why do civilians get killed? Well, because that's what happens in wars, the rich bastards who start the shit don't care who gets hurt, they only care about their own agendas. Collatteral damage, oops, that missile missed its target & hit a hospital by mistake.
Supposedly Iran is the bully, so then let's destroy the Iranian center of government, their parliment, or whatever they call it these days, just blow that building where they are all at off the map. BOOF! Done. But why stop there? Why not rid socioty of government alltogether? We don't need rich bastards telling us how to live, they aren't concerned with our welfare, only their own! They want us to be the peasants and do all the work while they sit on their lazy asses drinking champagne & eating twelve-course feasts at our expense! Fuck that! I'd like to knock all their heads together. But we can't just go around killing politicians, no matter how good our intentions may be, because then we'd be lowering ourselves to their level. The only way is to educate the masses so that people are no longer willing to be slaves for the rich.
Now, if we could find a way to make all the gold, silver, diamonds, & oil completely worthless, and come up with a completely free & inexhaustable renewable energy source, and make the knowledge of said source public, easily accessable to everyone, then the bastards would no longer have any power over anyone, whatsoever! Then thier true colors would become obvious.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Today I'll discuss the fbi...
The fbi, or stormtroopers, or goons, or fascist pigs, whatever you choose to call them, cia, nsa, osi, secret service, men in black... "homeland security"(what a misnomer!)... They are all the same thing: Murderers, rapists, spooks(spies), thugs who do their dirty deeds under the protective eye of government, basically leagalized criminals with carte blanche to hurt, kidnap, torture, & kill anyone they want, or anyone they are ordered to deal with. They are the strong arm of the illuminatti. They have been known to stage "accidents" & to arrange "unexplained" disappearances. Be very careful to watch over your shoulder for them, as they like to lurk & snoop on people's private business, which they have no right to do, but it's their job, or part of it anyway. Worse scumbags are hard to find, even in prisons. These bastards are responsible for countless deaths of innocents, drug trafficing, political interference & manipulations, malfeasance, judicial misconduct, false imprisonment, the works.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry (insert holiday of choice)

Today I want to rant about money. (no surprise there) Money, or currency, to be more precise, is simply another way for the materially wealthy to controll the masses (ie: you & me). Way back in the early days of human civilization (refer to "civilization" below) someone discovered that if kings and conquerors minted currency, thusly giving their peasants something to trade with, rather than bartering, they could more easily hold onto what they had stolen by force. Then by imposing taxes, they could steal it back again. This is essentially the same principle that is practiced today. Money is not worth the paper it's printed on, literally, because there is no concrete proof whatsoever of the existence of anything to back it up with. Think there's still gold in fort Knox? Bet there isn't. See, it's all a game to them, they fancy themselves some sort of gods, and the rest of us as pieces of meat, pawns for their amusement. Coupled with substandard education, which is peppered with lies, and made mandatory, money is yet another means of controll through distraction, manipulation, diversion, and outright bullshit. Pretty fuckin tricky, huh? So how do we beat them at their own game? In a word, self-sufficiency

We must remove our suckling mouths from the community tit. How do we do that? By growing our own veggies, hunting, raising meat, (chickens, rabbits, etc.) making our own clothing, brewing ethanol for motor-fuel, installing solar, wind, & water systems to generate electricity, collecting our own firewood, building water purification systems, and such... Granted, it isn't easy, but the more self-sufficient people there are, the more survivors there will be after the impending collapse of the global freemarket system, and don't spend anymore of that funny paper than you absolutely need to, and don't keep it in banks, either, banks have been proven time and again to be nothing more than corporate thieves, hide it in a safe place, preferably enclosed in metal. If everyone stopped buying consumable goods, we could shut down the economy completely, and just wait and see what happens then! Their system of world domination is flawed. Fatally so. The failure of it is inevitable, probably sooner than later. But don't just take my word for it, get up off your asses and do the research yourselves! Shit, you probably don't even have to get up (just yet) to do it, because most of the information is probably already available online. ...(This fuckin internet is something else, aint it?!!)

So, let's recap: Money is bullshit, banks are corporate theives, the government is a pack of liars, bent on the destruction of personal rights & freedoms, they all work for the mysterious illuminatti, who may or may not actually be grey-skinned aliens in human form, but are definitely NOT gods!!!

Now, speaking of gods... Whatever your personal preference might be, I won't try to convert you to Paganism, as long as you'll take the time to listen to me with an open mind. The illuminatti are NOT gods, no matter what they might think they are, but divine beings do exist...


Have a nice day.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today's Day..

Today is another day. The clueless consumers continue to consume relentlessly, just like yesterday, and the day before that, clueless automatons, carrying out the instructions they recieve, like all good little robots do...

Civilization... What we have come to know as "civilization, (which is not so civil) started with the domestication of livestock. Prior to that people had been primarily hunter-gatherers. With the ability to herd their source of fresh meat, came the first hint of permanant settlement. Towns became cities, warlords became kings. Somewhere in there came the advent of the wheel. Somewhere also came the abandonment of the Female Deity. Men created for themselves gods based loosely upon their own image. Wheather this began on the steppes of Asia, or the middle east, or on the continent of Atlantis, I'm really not certain, but I'm pretty sure that there were people here on Turtle Island 22,000 years ago, and more. While the tribes of Europe were forming during the last ice age, tribes had already existed here. There are probably as many Creation stories as there are diverse peoples, There is truth in there somewhere, it's up to us to dilligently seek it out until we find it. Every individual is going to believe what they choose to believe, unless & until shown irrefutable proof to the contrary. Proof is a difficult thing to uncover. Far be it for me to tell anyone else what they should believe, or not believe. Don't "should" on me. I'm simply an observer, and a seeker of truth. Without some kind of proof, I can only state my own view of what I percieve & believe, take it or leave it.

...So the cities became states, civilizations rose & fell, and new ones rose to take their place... Spoken language blossomed into written language, technology flourished, men found themselves with enough time on their hands to think, to ponder, & to dream. Yet simultaneously the greediest among them found ways to hoard, to controll, to dominate & enslave. They became materially wealthy. Some fancied themselves gods. They amassed armies & became conquerers. And more civilizations rose & fell. Conquerers became tyrants. Religion became a means of controll by threat & fear. Meanwhile, here on Turtle Island, we were still living in harmony with Mother Earth. I urge you to read Basic Call To Conciousness. The writers of this book explain it far more eloquently than I can. But I'm doing my best to give a rough outline, the gist of the story.

Around 2000 years ago a man, who may or may not have been a messiah came along teaching new ideas. Rome was the dominant power at the time. This Rabbi, so the story goes, performed healings & miracles, as well as being a charismatic leader with a sizable following, enough to draw attention to himself. He pissed off enough tyrannical religious leaders that they plotted and carried out his torture & execution. This did not have the results they had expected. Most of the details are sketchy, at best. If anyone really knows the truth of it, they arent showing any proof. So a new religion grew out of this following. After a few hundred years, when Rome saw itself losing controll, it absorbed and took controll of this church, thereby retaining controll even though it fell from overt power. Those who controll the writing of history have the power to twist and distort it to their own ends. So it became common belief that those in controll had been divinely placed in that position. This left the door open for all manner of attrocity to be perpetrated in the name of the Christian religion. I don't think their founder would be very pleased with their track record of horrors, do you?

By the time of the first Europeans to sail accross the Atlantic & make contact with us, these bliefs of dominance were held to be self-evident. And so ensued the horrors committed against us by the Eueopean invaders, a legacy of which still holds us in its grip. They percieved us as ignorant savages, & to one degree or another, still see us as such, even though we know different. On came the merciless onslaught of oppression, genocide, and tyrany, westward expansion, ""manifest destiny"" (what pretty words to attempt to justify their wrongdoing in their own eyes!) Rape & murder of innocent women, children, and men. Those they couldn't kill, they oppressed & divided, and forced onto ever-shrinking islands in an ever-growing sea of hatred. They did everything they could to erase us, but they could not. Nor could they enslave us outright, as they did to the Africans they kidnapped. Instead they tried to kill our culture, ruin us with alcohol, assimilate us, (didn't work) every dirty trick in the book. This is the legacy that we have to live with every day.

Are you beginning to understand my anger a little bit? Be patient, it gets more interesting...

12-13-08, 04:00am

Hello, & welcome to my blog. Here in this blackness you will find the rantings of a pissed off indigenous human of Turtle Island. Some will be graphic. I will endeavor to be as truthful as possible, so don't try to say you weren't warned. This is a work in progress, so expect changes. Change is a Good thing, contrary to what most folks tend to believe.

Call me a "conspiracy theorist" if you choose to, I don't really care what labels people try to hang on me, because I know who I am, I try to look at things realistically, and if you don't agree with my viewpoints, then why the hell are you reading my blog in the first place?

This is an experiment as well as a place for me to sound off. I want to see, after I send the address to some friends of mine, if word of mouth will lead to a wider range of readers. ??

The opinions & viewpoints herein are mine and mine alone, I'm not affilliated with any organization. However, should you happen to agree with them, (some will, some won't) then please feel free to comment as such, and don't be affraid to share with your friends.

Ok... Here Goes:

Why are we destroying our home??
Mother Earth is our Home! Why are we destroying Her? Do people not realize that if we destroy Mother, we all perish along with her? Or are they so self absorbed that they don't care? I think some are too stupid to care, these are the ones who believe everything the television and newspapers tell them to believe. Or they believe whatever the religious leaders tell them to believe, "...There is only one way, & this is it..." "...Our scriptures, our prophets are the only true ones..." Well, let me state right here & now that I have an extremely low tollerance for bullshit, and I can usually spot it fairly easily.

I know a guy who used to be a good friend, before he became "Christian", now I can barely reason with him, because they've brainwashed his mind with an assload of shit. When I tried to warn him about destroying Mother, he actually told me: "Well, it doesn't matter if we destroy the planet, cause we'll all be raptured" ....BULLSHIT! If we destroy our only Mother Earth, we'll all be DEAD!! Of course, we need to look at what the word rapture means, don't we? Hmm... I just looked in two dictionaries, and can't seem to find it, I wonder why? Webster online says it means "a feeling of overwhelming extacy, a state or experience of being carried away to another plane of existence, or gaining knowledge of the divine..." (I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist of it.) Huh... well, if that's the case, then I've experienced "rapture" on several ocasions, & usually sex, or halucinogens, or both were involved. But doesn't "rapt" indicate a violent death? I mean, a "raptor" is a bird of prey, right? ...anyway... This is just indicative of the kind of brainwashed minds we are dealing with here. Somewhere in the Bible it says something to the effect of "God gave man dominion over all the animal kingdom..." I do not agree with that statement. But, unfortunately, a lot of people do. They also think that man has dominion over all other forms of life, including other men, if they are of a less-respected social standing. (More bullshit) This is the root of slavery, racism, sexism, terrorism, caste-ism, fascism, rich-man poor-man, kings & queens & guillotines, politics, money, in short, socioty as we know it, ie: western "civilization". (Ding-ding: problem) Truth: The human animal is comprised of the same dna as every other life form, which is made of the very same atoms & sub-atomic particles as the rocks & water & dirt. From dust to dust, as the saying goes. So, then, what gives humans dominion over anything? Is it our ability to reason? Because a fuckin chimp can reason too. So can a wolf. So can a bear, an eagle, a bison, a dog, a cat... Then you get your idiot assholes who insist that other animals don't have emotions. Bullshit again! Canines are a perfect example here, because dogs usually wear their emotions right out in the open. Most animals do. Man is the only animal who tries to cover his feelings up intentionally. Man is also the only animal capable of lying. Think about it for a minute...

So we have all these religious leaders, all these heads of state, all these billionaire multi-national corporations, all exploiting Mother Earth for their own greed, lying to everyone along the way, calling it "progress" (there's an interesting word, ain't it?) as the human race becomes progressively greedier, decietful, exploitative, meaner, more inhuman by the minute. Does that alarm you? Because it certainly alarms me.

Man, in his ever greater lust for power & possessions, is becoming less spiritual almost continuously. As a race, we've forgotten our most basic purpose, our reason for existing in the first place, our main responsibility, & our birthright.. That being to protect and care for Mother Earth, & ALL OUR RELATIONS!!! If I sound angry, it is probably because I am. I'm fuckin pissed off at the majority of the human race, and if I were a god, I'd seriously consider wiping most of them out entirely, starting over with the ones who can comprehend the truth. So, thank all your gods that I am not a fuckin god. I'm a man, with the same human fallabilities as anyone else, and I have no intention of causing any harm to anyone. My objective is the betterment of all life, and restoration of respect for Mother Earth, thru understanding. We are all Spiritual Beings having a mortal, physical experience.

--Crazy Bear