Friday, December 7, 2012

A Rant For Today:

Frank Zappa was a bona fide genius, musically, lyrically, intellectually. He made a living by thumbing his nose at commercialism. He did it in a creative way heretofore unknown in these parts. Sadly, there's nobody stepping up to take over where he left off.

Music has become industry. Industry doesn't challenge the mind. Business exists for the purpose of generating revenue for the owners and shareholders. Everything is about money nowadays. Kids are taught that from early childhood. Poor and middle class children are taught to consume and to waste, because wasteful consumption keeps the wheels of industry turning. Children of the rich are taught how to exploit others for material gain without regard for the consequences. Perpetuate the mess.

I hate money. I hate that the system is set up so that you have to have it to survive in society. We are rapidly turning our home into a garbage dump. We have almost depleted the oil. Other resources will follow suit. The power-mad don't give a fuck. They say, "I got mine, fuck everyone else." You can't take all this material shit with you into the next plane of existence, so what is the point of greed? Why do they hoard shit and waste shit while others go hungry and suffer? It makes no logical sense to me.

Why should one person benefit from the suffering of another? And why do so many take great pleasure in tormenting others? Why does the janitor make minimum wage while the office worker makes three times as much for doing less work? And why does the boss make even more for doing next to nothing? It defies reason.

No wonder Americans don't want to do the manual labor anymore. Not only is it not fairly compensated, it is looked down upon with distaste and outright disgust. So foreigeners come in and take the jobs that we mostly don't want, and then we sit around and bitch that the foreigeners are taking all the jobs, meanwhile we don't want those jobs anyway, and why? Because we have been taught that those jobs are beneath us, and we feel that we are entitled to something better.

Entitlement is a big problem. (I seem to have a talent for pointing out the problems, but implementing a solution to them remains elusive.) We have certain rights by birth, which are inaliable, and to which we are entitled. Among these are the right to live, to be free from restriction, and to be happy. We do not have the right to abuse anyone or to exploit anyone, however, most of us don't comprehend this because we have been taught wrong. The lie is perpetuated from generation to generation. Why do we not see that by abusing and exploiting others we are depriving them of their right to live free and unrestricted? Do we believe that they do not deserve the same rights as us? And if so, why?
"All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others." --George Orwell.

Orwell's Animal Farm tells the story of the Russian revolution, and why communism failed so miserably when put into practice. In my opinion, it also parralells our own revolution, and why our nation has failed to become the free, open, and democratic society envisioned by dreamers. The oppressed have an innate desire to turn the tables and oppress their oppressors, motivated by the need for revenge, ie: turnabout is fair play. When unable to accomplish this after seizing controll, they inevitably turn instead to oppressing others, be it their own former allies or someone else entirely. The elitists understand this dynamic, and they exploit it to their own ends. They see social unrest, and they infiltrate the mob and stir up trouble. They either set themselves up as leaders, by telling the mob what it wants to hear, urging them on, enstilling false hope, and then after the fighting is done they assume positions of power and resume the oppression. Or, they cleverly wait to see who the naturally emerging leaders are, and then bribe them with oppulence to do their bidding. Either way they accomplish their ends and retain power, whether overtly or covertly. The ones on top of the pyramid, for the most part, stay on top of the pyramid. They play society like Paganini played the violin.

So, how to nurture awareness? How to awaken the masses of somnambulent sheeple? That seems to be the dillemma. How to get folks to abandon the hotdog & cheeseburger MTV award winning dog & pony show? How to convince them that there is something better, something more rewarding, than  consistant instant gratification? I mean, sure, instant gratification seems wonderful on the surface, no need to be patient, no need to struggle, just be lazy and do the bare minimum necessary to fulfill your obligations. Let someone else do the hard part while you relax and reap the benefits of their efforts. Don't worry about the next several generations to come, you ain't gonna be here to suffer the consequences of your actions of today. (Or so you've been led to believe.) It's that same old attitude: "I got mine, so fuck you." It cascades down from the top of the pyramids; The monkey up there says it to those on the next tier down, then they say it to those standing below, and so on and so forth, all the way down to the ground, to the slaves with the broken backs, who in turn go home and beat their wives and children, and the children kick the chickens. (Because everyone gets shit on, except fot the top monkey, and when you get shit on, you need to shit on someone else in order to feel important.)

We need to yank that monkey off the top and make him clean up the shit, so he can see what it feels like on the recieving end for a change. But we can't stop there, because when the top monkey goes away, one of the other monkeys under him will climb up to take his place. We need to prevent that from happening. Destroy the hierarchy all together, and level the playing field. Everyone must have an equal say, everyone must do his/her fair share of work to recieve his/her fair share of reward. The CEO and the janitor must come to see one another as equal and worthwhile beings, each contributing to the good of all. If the janitor wasn't there to do his job, and the CEO had to do it himself, he would come to appreciate the necessity of it. True democracy means that everyone is equal and there is no boss nor group of bosses, there is no hierarchy, but rather we are all the boss.
We all have a job to do, we all have a say in the decision making process. We are the boss and the worker, simultaneously.

Well it works good in theory, anyway. Unfortunately, there is human nature to be considered again. Some people still think that they are somehow better than others, and until this notion is smashed completely and the actualization that we are all free and equal partners in this thing called society dawns on everyone and our eyes are opened to the truth of it, we will continue this rolly-coaster ride.

Ah.  I have some actual work to do now.  Laters.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ah, better smoke another cigarette...

In the grand scheme of things, what is the life of one Bear? What is the life of one Panther?

The life of every being affects the lives of others.

Don't ask me why I say what I say. - I say it because I say it.

"Kansas City linebacker Jovan Belcher shot and killed his 22-year-old girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, then drove to the Chiefs' facilities at Arrowhead Stadium and took his own life in front of some team employees, including coach Romeo Crennel and general manager Scott Pioli, on Saturday morning."
-- Yahoo News.
That's a sad story, it's some really fucked up shit, man. ...Really.

But what made me sadder was reading that a friend of a friend's cat died.  We lost our orange buddy Buddy not that long ago. I'm relatively certain that he's still hanging around here, we just can't see him with the naked eyes because he's a Spirit, and physical human eyes don't see that dimension very well, but we feel him.  And the other four-leggeds know.  They interact with him, which is descernable to human eyes.

I've burried too many cats and dogs over the years, and a few humans.  When someone we know leaves this realm, we miss them.  When someone we love leaves this realm, we miss them more.
I still miss my Doberman/Husky friend Toke, and she's been gone from this realm since 1985. She liked jumping out of the truck at red lights and running thru traffic, so I guess it was inevitable, in retrospect.  I figure she moved on to another level, but that doesn't make me miss her any less, or any of the other friends who have gone away.

We, that is to say all beings, affect everyone and everything around us, whether we realize it or not.
Just watch the old Christmas movie 'It's A Wonderful Life' (Don't watch the Turnerized version, watch it in black & white, it has more impact.)

The Buddha would probably have some bit of wisdom to say right now, probably something very zen.  But I don't.  ...So I'll just say something tao.  Later.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why Do We Blog?

"I think it is sad the opinion you had was the only one voiced..."  --Black Sabbath

Human creatures, every one of us, have opinions. Granted, some people let others form their opinions for them, or they hear something that they think sounds good, and then regurgitate it as though it was their own, without checking or doing any investigation themselves, which amounts to a herd-mentality, a flock of followers following their percieved leader, hence the origin of the term sheeple. (Humans who behave like sheep.)

Whatever the origin of the formation of our opinions, we all have them, and it's only natural to want to share them. However, most folks don't care to hear the opinions of others, unless they are in agreement with, or complimentary to their own. (Hence the saying - "Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and they all stink.") But this doesn't stop people from expressing their opinions, sometimes loudly and belligerently, (especially when alcohol is involved) if they strongly believe what they are saying is correct. This often leads to conflict. ---> Enter other forms of self expression.

I think, (and this is only my opinion talking, not my asshole,) I believe that the disire to express one's self is in our nature, and we need to have that desire fulfilled. This is why people write letters to the editor, people go into public places and shout loudly, people make and display signs, people create works of art, people paint their dwellings and vehicles certain colors, etc. ...And people blog.  The need for self expression.   And since the advent of the internet, (Thanx, Al Gore. hahahaha.) now we have even more places to express ourselves, whether others like it or not.
Just go watch any random video on youtube, then read the comments.
Sometimes I laugh my fucking ass off at the shit people post, and sometimes I post my own shit, which I'm sure gets a reaction from someone else.
Then there's Andy Warhola's "Fifteen Minutes Of Fame" - We all wanna be heard, don't we? We wanna be looked at, gawked at, gaped at, {huh-huh-huh, he said "gaped"} some of us wanna be laughed at, some of us wanna piss people off... [Yeah, ok. I get some twisted enjoyment out of pissing people off sometimes. I'll cop to it.]

In short, we blog because we can. Same reason why a dog licks his nut sack.  Whether anyone reads it or not, just the act of typing it and putting it out there fulfills that need.
That's my opinion, anyway. ..And not my asshole   (  *  )

I'd bet that if dogs, and cats, and horses, and chimpanzees, and bison, and wolves, and other non-human critters could type - I'd just bet that they would have some shit to say to us humans, and we probably wouldn't like it, but it would most likely be true.   Think about that over your breakfast.

                                         I'm outta here, laters.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Self Explanatory.

Live The Revolution...

Never Bother A Guy When He's Eating A Pie. You May Not Like The Results.

I just read a story on another blog about a lady in Tennesee who got threatened by a cop for letting her kid ride a bike to school. Just one more example of the NWO police state running amuck.
It seems that ossifur porky thinks all kids should be forced to ride busses. I think ossifur porky should have his air conditioned Crown Vicky taken away and be forced to walk a beat, like cops used to do, back when cops were cops and not stormtroopers.

This incident happened sometime last year, so I would hope that it has been resolved by now, and I hope it was resolved in favor of the mother, and not the swine.

It got me to thinking, though. (Imagine that!) I remember when my daughter was little, we had her to the doctor's for a routine checkup, on a hot summer day. She was wearing a diaper and a onezie. Some mean-tempered, nosy woman hollered at us, something to the effect of, "How dare you bring that baby out with no clothes on!" And my reply was, "Why don't you mind your business?!" We thought nothing more of it, until a few days later, when CYS (Children & Youth Services) came knocking on our door. My wife invited them in, and they proceeded to stick their noses into our business, open cabinet doors, walk thru every room, etc. I asked them what the hell they thought they were doing, and they said that they had gotten a report of alleged "neglect" and were investigating. I asked them the name of the acuser, and they said they couldn't give out that information. I said, "Well, you can obviously see that we take good care of her, so whoever called you was lying. I'd appreciate it if you would leave now." And ushered them out of the house. They said they would return for a follow-up in two weeks. When they returned two weeks later, we went out onto the porch and told them to go away and not come back. We did not let them inside the second time. That's how you deal with the government, very curt, direct, and to the point. "Leave me alone, get the fuck off my property, and don't come back." Period.

The government has gotten way out of control. We need to start standing up for ourselves and fighting back. Rights are not granted by governments, rights are our rights by birth. Governments have no business depriving us of them. The "Patriot Act" is one of the most un-patriotic pieces of totalitarian shit ever designed. It harks back images of Soviet Russia under Joseph Stalin. Don't bend over and offer them the anal lube, stand up, man up, spit in their faces, and tell them to fuck off.

Well, fuck a duck.

Fuck a damn duck.

Fuck a duck. I'm tired. It's early in the morning. Goodnight.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

American Dissentor (s)

"Political dissent refers to any expression designed to convey dissatisfaction with or opposition to the policies of a governing body. Such expression may take forms from vocal disagreement to civil disobedience to the use of violence. Historically, repressive governments have sought to punish political dissent. The protection of freedoms that facilitate peaceful dissent has become a hallmark of free and open societies."


"Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels - men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion." --Dwight D. Eisenhower

 “The original American patriots were those individuals brave enough to resist with force the oppressive power of King George…Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security.” — Ron Paul

Dissent is as old as oppression, which is to say, older than dirt. As long as there have been those who seek to dominate and control others for their own selfish interests, so too there have been free thinkers who seek to free the oppressed, even when the oppressed don't view themselves as such.

What we have in America is not a Democracy, not a Republic, but an Oligarchy, a handfull of greedy individuals, themselves controlled by other greedy individuals outside our borders. Most folks don't see it, they focus on other issues, or on their own personal issues, or on a plethora of cleverly placed distractions, and so they miss the big picture.

In They Live ( There's a scene ( where Roddy Piper's character is trying to convince Kieth David's character to put on the Hoffman Lenses and see the world as it really is. In order to get him to do it, he has to fight him, and they beat the shit out of each other.
That's really what it's like trying to convince some folks to open up their eyes.

When you dissent too loudly and people start to listen, big brother doesn't like it. They may lable you, or they may send their stormtroopers after you ( to bash in your head, beat you into submission, etc. Does this sound like a "free and open socioty" to you? Nope, not to me either.  -  They control the mass-media, [tv, newspapers, magazines, etc.] so if something paints them in a less than favorable light, and they can't spin it to their satisfaction, they just have it pulled.

There is not much difference between a totalitarian Theocracy, (such as Iran) a Military Dictatorship, (such as Hitler's Germany, Franco's Spain, or Castro's Cuba) a Communist/Socialist state, (Russia, China) a Monarchy, (England) and a "Representative Democracy"... - All are simply forms of Oligarchy, by definition of the word.
 Actual Democracy is nonexistant in this country, the closest approximation of it can only be found within the structure of certain organizations, (AA, for one) and not within the political structure of any governmental body, at any level. We are given just enough leash to give us the illusion of freedom, and that leash keeps growing shorter by the hour, but most of us fail to notice, due, in part, to distraction(s), or due mostly to the brainwashing that was drilled into us from kindergarten up thru college. This is a really tough nut to crack.

We are taught that the Constitution is the "supreme law of the land", even as the politicians continuously wipe their communal asses with it. And the sheeple, having been lulled into a false sense of security and contentment, go on about their somnablant grazing in blissful ignorance. .."Baa."

What is one man to do about it?
The answer is anything and everything within his power.

There's a good documentary called Ethos. Here is the link to it:

"What an organ is human speech when it is employed by a master!"
--Samuel Clemmens

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


What do I feel like ranting about today?
Well, there was a film, (When movies were still films) in 1988, Directed by John Carpenter, starring Roddy Piper & Kieth David, called They Live. It's about two reluctant, anti-hero type heroes, who, completely by accident, discover a plot by interdimensional beings to take over the Earth. It's presented in a campy, B-movie type way, which I imagine was the only way the government would have allowed such a film to be released, considering the amount of truth it contains, and how close to home it hits for anyone whose eyes are even slightly open. To the masses of lazy, complacent, overfed, brainwashed sheeple, it would simply seem an amusing, if bizarre, science fiction story. (Remember that in 1988 Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet.) [:P]
{Also, in 1988 Bill Cooper had not yet published Pale Horse}

While surfing random shit on the fuckyoutube tonight, I came across one about O'Bummer and the Russian Medvedev "accidentally" caught on an open mic. In it, he clearly states that "..This is my last election... After my election I will have..." There it is, folks. He proved that he knew the outcome of the "election" way before anyone even voted, thus proving that "elections" are just more bullshit to pacify the sheeple.

 Still not convinced?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Good salty snack food, to eat while watching football, (could also be eaten while watching futbol, I'd reckon)

There is no joy in Mudville, but there is in Mud Bog Racing...

I haven't been here in a minute. Since February, in fact, so ok, a long minute. I was just eating some chex mix that I got at the Safeway, when I started thinking about spap oop. Spap oop is doo dads upside down. So I googled it, and guess what, a list of shit came up. Imagine that. The one I clicked on went to a blog that (apparently) doesn't exist anymore, called "The Constant Observer" There's a link to it.
 I read what she had to say about spap oop, and then I went and read some of her other posts. I found it interesting. I then went to leave a comment on the first one I had read, about spap oop. I don't know if it will post up there or not, since it says that all comments must be moderated. But anyway, it was suggested that commedian Rich Hall (Not Necessarilly The News) was the originator of spap oop. Not so. I know for a fact that he didn't come up with it. My dad was saying spap oop in the early '70s. NNTN didn't come out until the mid 80s. I hope that clears things up, although it likely muddies up the water some more, don't it. (?)

 Well, whatever the case may be, I now have a half a bag of chex mix left, and a half a bag of doritos, and a case of sodapop, and I'm gonna go watch the Steelers beat up on the Giants, (hopefully) in about twenty minutes. Football ain't the be-all & end-all of everything like it used to be. Professional sports in general have deteriorated into mass-marketing events. A bunch of millionaires getting outrageously overpaid to play games that used to be played for the enjoyment. A microcosm of what's wrong with today's socioty. {I spell socioty this way on purpose, somewhat smartassedically. The first part is socio, as in sociopath...} I dig social commentary, even when it is just rhetoric and bullshit that I don't agree with.

Opinions are like assholes. Here's mine. (My opinion, not my asshole.) Hahahahahahahaha! :))

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Human Beings... What can be said about them? Ther're not all fuctup. Just the majority.

Syd Barrett was a human being.`(wasn't he?)
Jim Morrison was a human being...
Carl Jung was a human being....

But they are some of the exceptions.

The talking heads on Fox not news are all human beings. (at least they appear to be)

Human beings have skeletons.
"While you were busy hating others and bashing and accusing them and calling them names and saying bad things about them and judging them online, your closet popped open, and your skeletons fell out."

By the way, I'm a Bear...
This in no way reflects on my humanity, And it describes nothing but the Bear Spirit

I come here sporadically to rant.

Humans have a way of being mean to one another that other species mostly cannot fathom.
Pumas, for instance, are not being mean when they rip out a deer's throat. They just want to eat. It is their way. Sharks are not being vindictive when they attack and kill, it's the way they were made. Humans, on the other hand... Humans will throw rocks at other humans out of hate. Some humans will chain a dog to a tree. Some humans will torture small furry critters for amusement. Humans in positions of "authority" tend to develop haughty attitudes, thinking they are somehow better than others, judging and condemning them. Bankers build prisons.
Greed drives them to hoard power and controll, they think of everyone as cows and sheep, while they themselves act as hogs.

How did it get to be so twisted? I have my theories, and ideas...

Opinions are a dime a dozen. In some places you can marry your cousin.
I don't know if I'm right or wrong. Maybe this was the gameplan all along.
I have a history of associations with crazy women, some with bad reputations.
Most of them are not anything like others have judged them to be.
Reputation is superficial, judgements based on inaccurate observations.
I find I enjoy the company of girls who pee.
None of my ex's live in Texas.
I didn't abuse drugs, the drugs abused me.
If this is making sense to you, you might want to check yourself into a hospital for a psychiatric observation. Then again, maybe not. Only you can judge you.
George Bernard Shaw once said, "If you are going to tell people the truth, you had better make them laugh, or else they will kill you."
Truth is, (among other things,) The world, socioty, is fucked up and broken, and it sorely needs to be fixed. Now what are we gonna do about it?

..Settin' on a hill on the Parchment Farm, ain't never done nobody no wrong...