Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wedgie Comment

This is a comment I just left on a post I discovered by accident on an environmental blog. I will include a link to the page as well, and the picture from it:
Wow. The wedgie picture brought me here. Seriously, my ex had a friend who used to ask me to pick her wedgie, it was her way of flirting, I guess. I see this post is a few years old now. It's January 2014. The cutback on coal usage has resulted in a lot of miners losing their jobs and now adding to the unemployment lines, and at least a few states where coal is a major industry are not happy with the current administration. Some aspects of it, such as strip-mining and especially mountaintop removal are horribly destructive to the land and should be stopped, however, these families have been deep coal miners for several generations, they don't know any other way of life, and thanks to the new regulations they are now fucked. How does anyone justify that fuckery? As far as aggressive climate management, I'm not sure what that means exactly. When I traveled westward in 2008, I fully expected to see large herds of Bison along the highway, and I did not. Even on the res I didn't see any, I saw horses, and black Angus cows, but no Bison. At Crazy Horse mountain I saw a herd of what looked like hybrid Bison/Hereford, but not just Bison. This bothers me a great deal. There should be herds everywhere, and there are not. I also did not see one Puma, or one Wolf. I saw lots of beef cattle, which I'm sure are aggressively managed. I've also read about Arctic Wolves and endangered Polar Bears being aggressively 'managed' via the "Sara Palin method." (Run them half to death with a chopper, then shoot them from above, AKA aerial murder.) Socialist/Communist approaches to things are traditionally not easily accepted in America, although that seems to be changing somewhat in the Obummer days, could that be the "change" he promised? I do not approve of mandatory insurance, and I do not intend on signing up for it, it amounts to fascism, big brother forcing you under duress to buy something you don't want. What are they gonna do, put me in jail because I refuse? Fuck the government, and fuck their laws. Now, gun control, yes, politicians love gun control, politicians like Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein... Look at this Sandy Hook crap, a false flag operation just like 9/11, except this time around it was done to sway public opinion towards gun control, but it didn't work like they thought it would, so watch out for still more false flag ops. We don't live in a "free" country, that is an illusion invented by the illuminati in the 1770s, convince the livestock/serfs that they are free, and they will be more productive. Maybe it's something in my DNA, maybe it's my Native Blood, maybe it's my Celtic Blood, I don't really know, but I have this natural ability to see thru walls of government bullshit. Paper currency is fiat money, not worth the paper they print it on, the whole system is set up to favor the uber-rich 1%, because their forebears set it up that way. It's not much different than if you gamble at a casino, the odds always favor the house, because they planned it that way. In their eyes we are all just oxen, beasts of burden which can quickly be converted to steaks on the barby without much effort on their part. Believe it or don't.

That's it.  I decided to copy/paste it over here because it has to be approved over there before it will post, and I don't know how long that takes, or if anyone over there even cares, since the original post was from six and a half years ago.  So here it is, I posted it here, if for no other reason than so my words will not be lost in some cloud of cyberspace somewhere, haw haw.

Remember, more will be revealed.  You must excuse me now, I have cats and dogs staring at me, seeking my attention.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

C'mon, internet. Help me out here a little bit...

Can you imagine what would have happened if there had been a communication network of some kind among all Indigenous Peoples, among all the Nations of Turtle Island, when the first explorers from Europe landed?  Even runners on foot could have spread the word fairly quickly that there were invaders and interlopers on our eastern shores, Warriors could have been sent from other Nations to reinforce the defending army.  We could have repelled the invaders, and the entire global socio-political structure would be different today.  Well, different certainly, but I don't know in how many ways, or exactly what ways.

I'd like to think that we would not have the pollution we have now, that all the oil and coal would not have been taken and wasted, that Mother Earth would not have been exploited to the current extent, but I can't know it for certain.  I'd like to think that the gold would not have been mined from the Black Hills to the extent it has been, and/or that at the very least the Lakota Nation would have gotten rich from it instead of whatever eastern white businessmen did.  But again, I can't know for certain, can I?

Conquest and colonialism destroyed much of the Natural World in the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, & 19th centuries.  The industrial revolution from the late 19th throughout the 20th hammered it under a shell of steel and concrete.  522 years of destruction and exploitation have taken their toll on our planet.  It makes me want to puke if I think about it too much.

 -Excuse me a minute, the emergency broadcasting system is blasting out of the television in the other room...
'"..If this had been an actual emergency...'" Ok. Can't be too careful anymore these days, or too paranoid. Especially with the giant lizard that blew across the eastern seaboard yesterday into last night. {Monster Lizard} 
Where was I?
Colonialism.  Europeans tried to own India, Africa, and the Americas.  They probably would've tried to own China too, but the Chinese had gunpowder.  Now I'm not saying that all Europeans are fucked up mentally, but the whole mindset of "I claim this land in the name of [insert country/king]..." Regardless of the fact that said land is already inhabited, is not only brazenly pompous, but it defies logic.  How about if I take my own flag and plant it on the lawn of some millionaire's estate and say "I claim this land for me!"?  The pigs would come and take me to jail.  For the Spanish, Portuguese, English, Dutch.. (did I miss anyone, yeah probably) claiming and conquering was a way of life, though it amounts to basically being a thief.  I have more respect for pirates, because pirates didn't pretend to be explorers seeking territory for their kings, on the contrary, pirates attacked and plundered the ships of the kings.  Pirates swore allegiance to no monarch or government, which makes them heroes in my book, even though they were also thieves.

What is to be gained from being a thief?  Well, I guess it depends on the individual and how he/she conducts their business.  The 'royalty' and 'nobility' of Europe amassed material wealth over centuries by hoarding resources, jewels, and precious metals, but at the start they were all just thieves.  They preyed upon those who had less than them, were weaker than them, could not defend themselves sufficiently, etc.  They feuded with each other, whoever won would steal the resources and hoarded materials of the ones they defeated.  Somehow they were able to get armies to fight for them, mostly by paying them, or promising them a share of the spoils.  They stormed across the land, ransacking, raping, pillaging, scaring the innocent peasants into submission.  The Romans did it, the Huns did it, the Mongols, the Turks, the Greeks, seems like every so-called 'great' civilization from Europe and Asia was involved in conquest, war and destruction, devastation, the taking and exploitation of lands and peoples.  (How did the ones with the power ever acquire said power to begin with? By being thieves, stealing, robbing, killing the innocent and robbing them of anything of value... Did they have help from some outside source[s], offworlders, inter-dimensional entities, etc. ??)  This behavior pattern continued through the dark ages, the medieval times, the black plague, the renaissance, all the way into the age of exploration and discovery.  The behavior has become ingrained into the DNA and the thinking of the old world mind.  Even the regular people (peasants, commoners, vulgate, serfs, proletariat...) perceive it as "normal" and rarely rebel against it unless and until they are pushed as far as possible and their backs are against the wall (Kind of like here in America today..)

So, if there had been some organization, some network among the Tribes and Nations, could we have fought off the invaders?  Could we have kept them off our Homeland? We had the Six Nations, but we couldn't keep the invaders from taking out lands.  Down south, the Maya, Aztec, and Inca had large civilizations, but they couldn't keep the invaders from invading. The first 'explorers' brought with them horses and swine. The horses quickly got loose, multiplied, and became an asset to many Indigenous Nations.  But the swine also got loose and quickly multiplied.  They ate the Native crops, which were not fenced against them, they grew tusks and became feral, nasty-tempered little voracious eaters.
The Europeans also brought diseases with them that the Indigenous Peoples had no natural immunity to.  Diseases spread like wildfire, wiping out vast numbers of Humanity. (Which some Europeans perceived as their god driving out and wiping out the infidels before them.)  The Anasazi disappeared, without explanation.  The Mound builders also vanished, so that we don't even know who they were.  There is no record that any modern scholar can comprehend.
Tragedy is such an understatement as to not even come close, there's no single English word powerful enough to describe the extent of desolation.

When the next wave of Europeans arrived, they found lands largely devoid of inhabitants, they called it a 'paradise', which they then immediately began to exploit and destroy.  Their 'royalty' and 'nobility' sent representatives here to be governors and overseers, to manage the peasants and serfs who had tried to escape them by migrating here.  The governors brought soldiers to kill the innocent Indigenous Peoples who were strong enough to have survived the merciless onslaught of disease.  The 'nobility' began to parcel the land, to draw dividing lines, to make plantations, and to import slaves...

  Vicious cycle of death, how wanton your devastation, how unbridled your greed and lust for destruction. How vile your need to waste and ruin anything good. I can't understand how you waste with impunity. Is there no end to this senseless murder of life?

I wish I knew a way to reverse it all, to educate the masses, overthrow the overlords, restore the land...  We are supposed to be the protectors, the caretakers of Mother Earth, not her murderers and destructors.  That's what leads me to believe, or at least reinforces my belief, that the European Royals are not Human.  Or at least, not entirely human.  Look at some of their other attitudes and behaviors.  They walk around with their noses in the air, they act like they think their shit don't stink.  They think they are somehow better than everyone else, they actually think their bloodlines give them some right to treat others with disdain, to use and abuse and exploit and destroy, all with impunity, because they are so damn special.  I think they all need to be forcibly brought down from their castles and dragged thru the mud and the shit, be pelted with rotten garbage and generally degraded until they are made humble before the masses.  Then their material wealth be divided equally among the whole of Humanity.  And I don't just mean the kings and queens, but all of them, all of the illuminati, the bankers, the CEOs, the politicians, everyone responsible for the suffering of others, everyone responsible for the exploitation and destruction of our planet, including their human cronies who work for them, to the very degree that they have abused their fellow Earth-beings.  They need to be made to pay for what they have wrought.  Then we all need to work together to restore our planet to Her former unspoiled state, and it will not be easy by any means, but it needs to happen, lest we all perish.

Before any of that will be possible, we must uncover the secrets that they have been hiding from us for millennia, we need to know exactly who and what our enemy is, what it looks like, how to distinguish it from ordinary humans and other beings which are not destructive, and, of course, how to kill it.  It may well be some kind of insect, or bacteria, or even a virus, which somehow invades a human host and then controls him/her.  It could be Spiritual or Ethereal in nature, which could potentially make it harder to uncover, and/or harder to kill.  It could be hyper-dimensional.  It could be physical but able to shape shift and assume human form.  It could even be human for all intent and purpose, appearing exactly like ordinary humans but with a malevolent, destructive essence, mind, and Spirit.  It could be all or some or even none of the above.  The point being that we simply do not know at this point.

We know from the obvious what the identities of some of the illuminati are, but it would be difficult at best to get to them without massive casualties on our part, because they are well-protected.  This is case in point for why it is imperative that we uncover all the secrets and make them known to all of Humanity.  Once all the cards are on the table, so to speak, then the overthrow of the overlords will be much easier to accomplish.  I still don't expect it to be easy, I expect it to be difficult, and long, and arduous, and most-likely a bloody mess.  However I do believe that Humanity has allies, and maybe once they see that we are standing up for ourselves, maybe they will help us. Maybe.  (Refer to the Prime Directive from Star Trek, they may not be allowed to alter our destiny, they may not be able to interfere at all, but they may yet be able to help us in some way.)

What (or who) are these little greys with the big black eyes that everyone associates with abduction?  Are they beings?  Are they some kind of organic automaton, following a program?  And if so, who programmed them, and why? They don't seem to show much concern for us, anymore than we show for a lab rat.  Are they what the Annunaki were trying to create when they created Humanity? (if in fact they created us..)  If one little grey was isolated from its hive-mind, would it begin to think for itself?  Are they even capable of sentience and individuality?  Humans are prone to the phenomenon of the mob-mentality. I've never been involved in a riot, but I've been involved in bar-fights, and some other big fights, and I have lots of firsthand experience with concerts.  Why do we have that tendency to unite violently in certain stressful situations?  Is it a latent trait from ancient times?  Is it something programed into our DNA by someone attempting to make us act like a hive?  Are we a mistake of breeding?  Are we genetically related to any other race or races?  How about the Tall Whites? How about the Nordics? Fact is, we don't know, do we?  We don't know enough.  We haven't been told the whole story.  Governments and religions have secrets they refuse to disclose.  Disclosure of facts must be accomplished.  We must find a way to break the wall of secrecy.  I would willingly incite a riot against "authority" if I knew beforehand that the outcome would be favorable, that more would benefit from it than not, and that no innocents would be harmed.

The Rodney King riots accomplished nothing of any benefit to anyone except indirectly to the very "authority" that people were rioting against, there's some bitter irony for you, but it's true.  Innocent people were hurt, stores and other small businesses were destroyed, and the pigs came out in body armor and proceeded to bust heads, which I think they actually enjoy doing. The more recent riots in England seem to have been about the same, accomplishing nothing, except innocent people being harmed, and the pigs turning out in armor to enjoy a game of 'bash the skulls.'  This seems to be an increasing trend, and can only be overcome by rioters turning out in greater numbers, preferably also wearing armor of some kind, especially helmets and gas masks, in order to counteract the increasing number of pigs.  However, when more people turn out to riot, still more pigs turn out to bash heads, and they start using rubber bullets, beanbags, tazers, nets, water-canons, and ever increasingly larger and more powerful weapons against innocent people.  Thus, violence only escalates, violence begets violence, and pretty soon we have a war on our hands, wherein more innocent people end up suffering and being hurt and/or killed by pigs.

  Now know this, in no uncertain terms: There are far more citizens than there are pigs.  Trouble is, pigs have weapons, and enjoy using them.  There are also more citizens than there are military troops, but again, the military has weapons.  Lots of weapons.  And big weapons.  It is better to get members of the military allied with the protesters, that way they will be less likely to follow the orders to shoot innocent civilians when the government orders it.  And make no bones about it, ordering soldiers to shoot innocent civilians is the next logical progression down the line, just like they did at Kent State.  Those guardsmen at Kent State were lied to by the government, they were led to believe that the anti-war demonstrators were a dangerous communist threat, and then they were intentionally spurred  to shoot into the crowd.  It could happen just as easily today, but today we also have methods available to us (such as the internet) to make contact with enlisted personnel and communicate with them so as to interrupt the chain of command which orders them to fire on civilians, and hopefully we prevent the mass slaughter of innocents which can occur from pigs being allowed to run amok unchecked.

More and more individuals are waking up to the actual way things work, as opposed to the bullshit they teach the kids in school.  More and more of us are opening our eyes to the sneaky underhanded way that governments operate.  And wondering what we can do to change it.  And more and more of us have smartphones which we can use to record live video of whatever is happening at the moment, including pigs beating innocent civilians.  And we have a whole internet to use to communicate with one another and share our opinions and ideas.  I still think it will be awhile until we see positive changes which will benefit everyone, rather than the "change" which politicians promise and never deliver on, (other than to steal more from us and funnel it to their rich buddies,) but we are moving in the right direction, even as the propaganda mill belches out more and more prefabricated bullshit to the sheeple.  But as the bullshit propaganda becomes more and more ridiculous, so more folks open their eyes to it and say "What the fuck?"

I'm really getting sick of the totalitarian NWO police-state that society has become, not just here in America, but globally.  I'm hoping for some kind of a major wake-up-call that will jolt the majority of the masses out of their somnambulant slumber and open everyone's eyes to the truth.

C'mon, internet. Help me out here a little bit...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bridging the gap of years to the endoplebe...

I just saw a film.  I watched a movie.  It was a sad movie about little kids called Bridge To Terebithia.
I had heard of it, I even remember seeing the trailers for it seven years ago, sort of. 2007, I was living with a crazy junkie girlfriend at the time, she used to throw dishes at me, and lock herself in the bathroom.  I was driving tow trucks for a living.  I remember the trailers, but I never saw the movie until tonight.  It dredges up some unpleasant memories from childhood.  I want to figure out why.  I don't remember how old I was at the time, just that I was a little kid.  I got invited to someone's birthday party.  We were all eating cake and ice cream, and a whiffle ball landed in my plate of cake.  I looked up and there was a kid laughing at me, so I got up and went after him.  I smashed his face into a stone wall, hard enough that it made a kind of "Pock!" sound, and his nose and mouth were all bloody.  I figured that he threw the ball into my food on purpose, because he laughed at me.  I got in trouble.  I had to leave the party, and I wasn't allowed to go back to those people's house anymore.  I got my ass beat.  I don't know how bad I hurt him.  I don't even remember his name, who he was, if he was the birthday kid's family or just some kid from school, or what.  I don't even know if he threw the ball, or if he even had anything to do with it, or if it was an accident, what direction it came from, nothing.  He might have been just having fun, and all of a sudden some kid got up and smashed his face into a wall.  Pow!  Probably fucked up his whole day.  Shocked the shit out of the birthday kid's mother, I remember that much.  But he laughed at me!  How dare he laugh at me?  They all laughed at me in school and called me names, so I showed them.  I took toilet paper rolls and stuffed them into all the toilets and flushed them until they overflowed, then I flushed them some more, just to make sure the bathroom was good and flooded.  Then I pulled the fire alarm.  I also went thru parked cars, whatever ones had a door unlocked, and I pulled knobs off, stole change, pulled emergency brakes and watched them drift into other cars...  I guess maybe I was a bad kid.  Once there was a milk truck parked on a hill, they still had milk delivery to your house in the early 70s, and I guess the milkman was up at someone's house, but his truck was running in the street.  There was a whole string of little kids, and we all walked thru the milk truck, in the passenger door, and out the driver door.  I was the last kid in line, and I released the brake, and the truck started rolling backwards, as I jumped out the door.  It rolled all the way down the hill and into a tree, with the milkman chasing after it yelling.  We all ran away.  I never got in trouble for that one.  I must've been in second grade.  How old is that?  Seven?  Yeah.  Rumor had it that the milkman broke his leg, but I don't know.  I was a bad kid.  I can see it now.

So why did that movie make me remember that stuff?  I guess it was the two bully kids, and he finally turned around and hit one of them after the girl died.  I don't remember any kids that I knew dying, but I sort of remember some girl's cousin got killed by a drunk driver, run over walking home from school, I think, but I didn't know her.  I got picked on sometimes, but I found ways to get revenge.  I stole one kid's matchbox cars and crushed them with a brick.  Things of that nature.  I hit a kid in the back with an umbrella, stabbed him with it would be more accurate.  I pushed people into the barberry hedges. (that hurts, let me tell you)  I stomped thru the wet cement in front of someone's house one time, and I mean stomped and also jumped with both feet, boink-boink-boink!  I got busted for that one.  Got my ass beat.  Then I went and broke windows in that guy's garage, that'll show him for chasing me home.  Except he saw me break the windows, so I got busted for that too, and got my ass beat.  I got in my Dad's car when I was five, and put it in gear, and wrecked it into the garage wall.  He had left it running.  I got my ass beat with his belt for that one.  After awhile, anytime anything got broken, or stolen, or set on fire around the neighborhood, it got blamed on me, whether I had anything to do with it or not.  I was about 12, and I stole this little mini-torch from Radio Shack.  I guess it was for soldering or something, I don't know, but it melted aluminum pretty good.  There was an intercom box on the outside of a doctors' office building, it had buttons with each doctor's name and a doorbell button next to the name, and it had a speaker.  I used to stop and buzz all the buttons, just to piss people off.  Sometimes I would yell cuss words if they answered.  So I had this little torch, and I found out it could melt aluminum cans, so me and my buddy went to the doctors' intercom box and used the torch on it.  It caught on fire, with lots of smoke, and we ran like hell and got busted.  We also got busted for breaking windshields with a hammer, and some other vandalism.  I threw an axe-head thru the window of a city bus one time, but I didn't get caught that time. That would've been some time in juvie for sure.  I set the trash can on fire in school, I stole things out of stores, I stole things out of parked cars, and peoples garages, but I didn't get caught for any of that.  I used to light green plastic army men on fire and watch the plastic drip.  If you've ever done it, you'll remember the "vvvit-vvvit-vvvit" sound of the plastic drips.  I used to put matchbox cars on the gas stove and watch them burn, but my Mom didn't like when I did that, and I got my ass beat for it, so I had to steal road flares and do it outside.  I stole 12-guage shells and buried them in the dirt, then used road flares to fire the primers.  Not to blow stuff up, necessarily, just to make it go boom.  There was a building with a long hallway in it, I used to run thru there tossing firecrackers because they would echo.  One time I had a big capacitor from out of a stereo, and I hooked a long cord to it, and plugged it into the wall socket in that hallway.  I had a buddy with me, and we heard it make a big loud boom as we were running out the exit door.  Surprising we didn't get busted for that, it was loud as fuck, and it probably caused some damage.  I think we set a big ashtray on fire in that same hallway one time, one of those metal trashcan ashtrays, we put a strip of firecrackers in it.  I think we might've thrown them into big blue mailboxes too, and I know that's illegal, not to mention really bad, and just plain wrong, and you can get in a lot of trouble for it, but we didn't get caught.  Was I a bad kid?  I guess.  I had a lot of anger, probably because of my Dad always beating my ass, and other kids in school fucking with my peace of mind, so I lashed out at society.  When I was five, my hero was Dennis The Menace, I wanted to be just like him.  When I was in grade school, my heroes were Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn.  No wonder I did shit.  Then I read a book about Crazy Horse when I was 11, and after that I wanted to fight the government.  I'm just getting in touch with my inner child here.  The endoplebe, that's the child within.  Mine is in need of some attention, he's pissed off at the world, he wants to fight everyone and everything at every turn, and I'm trying to find out why.  Why are you so pissed off, kid?  Who did this to you?  Poor kid is fucked up in the noggin, emotionally scarred from some traumatic event, but what?  I can't seem to remember...  Why?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Aye, Cap'n Suh...

The Solstice comes, the Solstice goes...  Christmas comes, Christmas goes...  The new year comes, the old year passes into the forgotten...  Santa Claus doesn't come, except in some young hearts and minds, but overall, no jolly old fat man wearing a red suit...  Oh, there was the usual wanton consumption, consumerism, commercialism, corporatism, fueled by selfishness and greed, with the usual scrooges counting their coins, while the modern-day cratchets  go hungry, the Tiny Tims suffer, the drunks and junkies shiver on skid rows across the land, and the shallow, self-absorbed louts in between busy themselves with their own little plans and desires... The preacher-man stands at the pulpit, in his Armani suit, and blathers about something he read in a book while the congregation raptly donates pennies to the coffer...  They all feel good about themselves for a minute, comfortable in their delusions, while the homeless couple wrap their children tighter in their thin feeble blanket and pray they survive another night.  This is America.  And Santa Clause didn't come.
Dichotomy of haves and have-nots...

I had the flu for Christmas, followed by bronchitis, and then pneumonia. I did not even come close to almost cutting my hair, though.  I can't smoke a cigarette.  I want one, very much in fact, I just can't smoke them anymore.  While I once had that privilege, I abused it so drastically, so frightfully, to such a degree that I no longer have it available as an option, not if I want to survive much longer.

Though I suffer routinely from suicidal ideations, I do not relish the thought of meeting Death on Death's terms.  I do not wish to die a long and painful death, plugged into machines, hoses entering and exiting my body, nor do I wish to starve, or drown, or suffocate, or aspirate my own vomit.  Still, we all die eventually, one way or another.  I'd rather die fighting against tyranny than die a slave.

I can elaborate ad infinitum, and after my tirade the results would be the same.  If I succumb to depression and end my life by my own hand, then it all becomes moot. - Everything I ever believed in, everything I ever worked towards, all my hopes and dreams, all my opinions... Everything, moot and pointless.  Life no more significant than a football game.

I don't know how it will all end, or what hopes and dreams may or may not come to fruition.  I know that I don't want it to all be for nought.  If there is no meaning, then what's the point?  Does humanity even deserve betterment?  Are we worthy of something more than just groveling for subsistence?  Or are we simply a parasitic disease, a blight on the face of Mother Earth, devouring all in our path and leaving scorched and used-up soil in our wake, a snake of shit to mark the snail's trail of desolation.
Some would say there is bitterness in my words.  Should there not be?

Do we deserve to evolve to the next level?  We who have a history of murdering one another and our fellow creatures, we who tend to use up resources wantonly and spew toxic pollution with willful disregard for future generations, we who take-take-take and give nothing back, we who nearsightedly perceive ourselves as the height of Creation and the center of the Universe.... How dare we be so presumptuous?

And so the outsiders come, the offworlders, the dark overlords, the visitors, the archons, whatever you choose to label them, alien or guest, friend or foe, angel or demon...  They have been with us a long time now, a very long time, as we perceive time, and they bring with them their own dogma, their own set of rules, their own agenda.  I can't say for certain just what their agenda is, but you can bet your ass that it is whatever most benefits them, not us.  ...And we sit around making memes about fuzzy-wuzzy kittycats, Y U No's, and "rage comix"....  Wasting every spare moment engaged in one selfish persuit or another, watching meaningless television drivel, discussing partisan politics, arguing over whose god will kick whose ass... That is, those of us "lucky" enough to have time to think about any of that, those of us not preoccupied with surviving another day.  "Where will my next piece of food come from? Will there be shelter tonight? Will the sun rise tomorrow?"  If my biggest concern is will there be enough half-n-half for the coffee in the morning, then who and what the hell am I?  What have I done to help mankind today, or for the benefit of Mother Earth?  And if I cannot immediately answer, then I need to stop thinking about I for a minute. Aye, I Eye!  Oooh...