Thursday, February 7, 2013

No "news" is good news...

I don't watch very much television anymore.  There's nothing on there I give much of a fuck about.  There's nothing really worth watching except Sons Of Anarchy, and sometimes Big Bang Theory.
And even those have commercials.  I loathe commercials.

“Bandis Olay for the Santro Pay Tan….  ..'70s suntan lotion radio commercial. (Bain De Soleil - ‘for the San Tropez tan..)  Yeah, French.  The language of...  French people.
"Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose..." --Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr 

Anyways...  I don't watch much tv.  The "news" is a farce,
and Faux News is, well faux.
I have no respect for Rupert Murdoch - He cancelled Firefly.  O'Reilly, Hannity, and the rest of them can all go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. {I borrowed that fucking doughnut phrase from Stephen King.  I like it.}  I'd watch Jesse Ventura, if he reported the news, because I trust him.  But all the major "news" networks are owned by members of the Trilateral Commission, so you can't trust anything they say, it's all got some type of spin on it.  Propaganda from the machine.

So, I don't watch the bullshit on the idiot box, we've established that.  I used to read the paper, but print media is also biased in one way or another.  Besides, why kill trees to accumulate piles of paper when you can get the same crap online, and for free?  Washington Post online, New York Times online, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review online, etc.  So I stay aware of the current propaganda and whatever else they choose to print in that way.  Last night I read this story about a young girl who had strokes from smoking fake weed.  She survived, but she has brain damage, she's blind, and she might or might not ever get her eyesight back, or ever walk again.  All from smoking fake weed!  ...And, from what I've read, the shit they call "bath salts" is even worse.  The sad and truly fucked up thing about it is, if real weed was legal, there would be no market for this fake shit. (Consider that, Obummer!)  Ron Paul would have legalized it by now, but, since Ron Paul is not a member of the "in crowd" the rest of the bureaucrats don't take him seriously, so he won't be nominated by either of the two ruling parties.  Even if he were to win the popular vote by a landslide, I'd bet that the system and those who run it would find some way to seat their pre-chosen man anyway.  After all, that's their modus operandi.  Now, before I get too far off track...

Here's a story about the crazy Iranian Despot:  You know him, he's the nut job in the middle east playing with nukes. (Forget for a moment that Israel already has them.  They wouldn't lob them at us anyway, well, unless they were really pissed.)
Sometimes I write ideas on a word processing program, so I can save them, and maybe post them on here. [Who cares, besides me, since nobody seems to be reading my blog anyway.]

I wrote this this morning:
What’s that guy’s name in Iran? Abu Biddybab? Abu Titty Grab? Something like that. I know there used to be one named Abu Nidal. Every time I heard his name, it sounded like they were saying ‘a boony doll’ and I pictured a stuffed baboon wearing a Raggety Ann dress - a boony doll.

Course, there was the one guy, (doesn’t everybody know at least one guy?) who referred to black folks as “boons”… He also called Asian folks chinks & japs, cops were fuzz, and him & his dad were ‘badass pollocks’…

I wonder what he called me behind my back? Doesn’t really matter, I just wonder. Kids in the ‘70s called other kids all kinda names. That dude I was thinking of there, his nickname was “Goon” because he was kinda tall for a twelve year old kid, and he walked like Alice the goon from Popeye. He always wore his hair in a buzz cut, but I think his dad made him. He had to go every Saturday and get a haircut. (I had already started letting my hair grow long by that point, and I remember thinking how silly it was for him to cut his, and how unnecessary to do it every week.) We used to hang around in front of the liquor store harassing people until one of them would take our money and get us a bottle of something. One Saturday, we had a bottle of Windsor (bluggh!) and we were walking around town with it in a paper bag, passing it around, and suddenly (as we walked past the barber shop) he remembered that he had to get a haircut. We called him a pussy, but we all went in with him anyway, just to look at the porn mags. The barber said something like “Whaddaya got there in the bag, a bottle of wine?” And whichever one had it at the moment lifted it out and said “Yeah… Windsor wine!” and we all laughed. Then we all went to the store and stole stuff.

Yeah, those days, spent in a daze, in the haze of the Southside slums, smoking big fat two-paper joints of gold reefer, throwing rocks at passing trains, picking boogers and wiping them on parked cars, chugging down whatever booze we could get our grubby little paws on, stealing stuff just because we could, fighting for no reason except to fight, or over some stupid shit or other, and school was just a cruel joke, a jail they made you go and sit in all day to keep you out of the house while your parents were at work and the teachers tried to shove useless information down your throat. What did we need algebra for? Why should we care about the Magna Carta? Who gives a flying fuck about Aaron Burr? That don’t buy the next bag of dope, or a model to build, or the glue to sniff, or the beer to chase it with… Everybody knew the best parked cars with change in the ashtrays and other stuff worth stealing were in the parking garages downtown in the daytime! How dare they imprison us inside school during the best looting hours? …That’s really about the way I thought about it then.
You see how easy it is for my atomic train of thought to get off track and ramble down a meandering siding...

“Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in New York City and will make his final address…” --Global Post. Yeah, just like I said, Abu Biddybab. “The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is doing their part to ass-kiss the Iranian pigs by confirming that Iran’s foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, is slated to appear… at the group’s office in Manhattan"  Well of course they kiss his ass!  He's a very important pawn in their game.  They might use him to start the next war, since they need to have perpetual war, which cannot be "won", in order for the military industrial complex to continue to profit while economies colapse and young men and women die. It's two fold, you see?  They employ a cleverly wrought depopulation tactic, while simultaneously funneling money from your pocket (taxes) into their coffers.  Sneaky bastards, ain't they?  And they do it all right in front of everyone's noses, while they distract you with the super bowl and the acadamy awards.

Well, I have to wrap up this post now, and do some "real" work. (Meaning that it actually puts money in my pocket.)  ....Just as soon as I finish this cigarette...
Crazy Bear (AKA Spirit Bear) 2/7/13, @ 13:09 Eastern Standard Time.