Monday, February 2, 2015

Fuck the IRS. Fuck them right in the pussy.

Motherfuckers.  Damn dirty motherfuckers.  What more is there to say?  "Get your filthy, shit-stained paws off my motherfuckin money, you damn dirty IRS!"  Damn dirty government.  Yep, yep.

  Damn dirty government thinks they can just rob the working folks of this here land and they expect us to just roll over and spread our cheeks.  Well fuck them.  They have no right to legalize robbery.  And that's exactly what they've done, but not across the board, just when applicable to themselves.  They made it legal for them to rob private citizens for their own gain.  Ha ha, good joke.  You say that it's ok for you to rob me, because you write the stinkin laws, and fuck me if I don't like it.  Yeah?  Well fuck you too.  Fuck you!  You hear me, motherfuckers?  Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, and the bankers whose coat tails you held onto, and the Italian suit and silk tie you got with money you stole from taxpayers, and all the free shit you get as perks of the position.  You need to bend over and assume the position, because you all deserve forty whacks, and I aim to give 'em to you.  With a stainless steel boat paddle.

I'm a dangerous subversive.  Subversive, because I love America and hate government, and dangerous because I have the audacity to exercise my right to free speech.

  The 16th Amendment (above) states that congress shall have the power to tax income from any source.  It does not suggest that they have the right to do so.  I assert that they have no such right.

This rant today all stems from the fact that I'm sick and tired of being taxed into poverty by a bunch of rich bastards who do no actual work, and I'm sick of the funds they rob from me and you going to pay for the enforcement of unconstitutional laws, militarization of police, and into the pockets of the military-industrial complex.  And don't even get me started on the federal reserve bank.  Fuck.

Bottom line is, I signed a blank W4 and trusted the intelligence of a clerk in an office to fill it out correctly.  He/she/they filled it out in a manner which allows me more per pay, but leaves me holding the bag come tax time.  I should have known better.  I've given instruction to change it for future reference, but unfortunately it isn't retroactive, so fuck me.  I shot myself in the foot, and now I have to deal with it.  Have fun with my money, Sam.  But I'm seriously contemplating just not filing this year at all.  I have until April to think about it.  I mean, what are they gonna fuckin do?  Put me in jail?  I've been in jail before.  Take my house away?  Too late motherfuckers, my house went away twelve years ago.  I still have a pot to piss in, but that's about all I have as far as material things.  I have my truck, and my computer, a couple guitars, power tools, chainsaw, etc.  They can't take any of that because they would be affecting my livelihood, and thereby my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  They affect my pursuit of happiness anyway, with their standard-issue, everyday bullfuck.